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1971 Holden Monaro HQ GTS 350


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Genuine Salamanca Red HQ GTS350 Monaro

Originally Optioned with Antique Saddle Trim, now new black trim with houndstooth inserts


Decoded as follows:

Model: HQ81837 – Monaro GTS 350

Trim: 1828-11X – Antique Saddle

Paint: 567-13123 – Salamanca Red

Engine: 350 Chevrolet V8

Trans: 3 Speed Auto (B&M Transmission)

10 bolt Salisbury differential

Has dressup chrome parts, K&N Air filter, twin thermo fans and custom alloy radiator

Been fitted with a High Performance Inlet Manifold and Carburettor

Has Pacemaker extractors that have been ceramic coated for longjevitty and good looks

GTS Sports wheels shod with large rubber

Currently a Western Australian vehicle.


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The Chevrolet 350 V8 made its last appearance in the HQ, and took the 308’s meek 176kW and 427Nm to a more appropriate 488Nm and 202kW. That’s less than the HG 350’s outputs, but there’s a reason. Exported from Canada, the engine catered to American emissions controls being introduced in 1973.

HQ-Monaro-GTS-350-convoy.jpgReports reckoned the difference in acceleration was marginal and could only be felt at more than 160km/h. As a result the 350 tore up the quarter mile in 15.7 seconds, despite wheelspinning to 50km/h. Dynamically the Monaro’s rear axle could grip like a barnacle, however, combined with the overall softness in its handling setup, the car defaulted to serial understeer.

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It was a harsh reality of an engineering program that prioritised ride and touring ability over track performance. Making leaps forward in other areas, the HQ Monaro was a better road car. The bodyshell was solidly built, with the four-door GTS being based on the coupe rather than the other way around.

HQ-Monaro-GTS-350-wheel.jpgThere was travel in the suspension, great forward vision, and a well isolated interior. Drive was effortless and smooth. And its pretty design will endure for decades more. Holden may have turned down 350’s burble, but the Chevy-powered HQ GTS mixed Aussie engineering with Yank stonk for a truly rounded muscle car.

HQ Monaro GTS 350 specs:
On sale: 1971-1973
Engine: 5735cc V8, OHV, 16 valve
Power: 488Nm @ 4800rpm
Torque: 202kW@ 3200rpm
0-97 time: 8.0 seconds (claimed)
Weight: 1451kg
Price when new: $4630

Info above- Courtesy of Motor Magazine

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Key Specifications
Model:HQ GTS 350
Body Style:Coupe/Hardtop
Engine:350 (v8)
Exterior Color:Salamanca Red
Interior Color:Antique Saddle
VIN Number:AHQ09227M
Odometer:83301 (Miles)
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